Working With Crystal Grids


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Crystals are a wonderful tool that we can work with on a personal level for healing, insight, to develop sensitivity of energy and also awareness and intuition. Did you know that you can also start to develop your clairvoyance (subjective ‘clear-seeing) by taking notice of all the marks, pictures, fractures and occlusions within crystals?


They’re truly fascinating and I am blessed to have been working with crystals for twenty years, both as a practitioner and then as a teacher of Crystal Therapy.


In this PDF download, which formed the basis of a one day workshop you will find information about how you can work with crystals within a grid, a specific pattern, to harness the energy of a number of crystals to support you in a specific way, such as to bring calm or understanding to a difficult or anxious time emotionally.


The information covers:


  • Introduction to Crystals
  • Working with Crystal Grids
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Crystal Shapes and their Energy
  • Colour Influence
  • Energetic Properties of Common Crystals
  • Grid Shapes/ Templates
  • Using Feng Shui for Placement of the Grid