Sacred Soul Guidance Session

Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions work with Sacred Soul Signatures – dynamic points of light within the energy matrix of soul.


They connect directly to the expansion, need and expression of your soul, following the 11 stages of soul that we move through, numerous times on varying levels, as we journey through life.


Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions support and enable the resonating soul signature to be activated, embodied and integrated within your energetic structure.

A Sacred Soul Guidance Session includes

Insight into your Key Soul Signature Activation in this Lifetime and your Anchor Activation

(identifying the key qualities and learning in this life time and the foundational qualities which support your growth)


A Soul Signature Activation Reading

(identifying the current soul signature resonating at this time and available to work with to support moving forward)


A Soul Signature Activation Embodiment

(working with the soul signature to activate it within your energy and body)


An Affirmation to support the work and integration of the Soul Signature 

Sessions are active and transformative


Working from the core, from the essence of who you are, working from the inside out – renewing, transforming, healing, enabling.


Sessions last for around an hour and thirty minutes and you’ll also leave with an affirmation to work with for 21 days to fully embody the activation.

Book your Session

Sacred Soul Guidance Sessions are £179.00 and can be booked via the link below.


Once payment has been made I will be in touch via email to arrange a convenient date and time for your session (all sessions take place online), to ask you to undertake a small amount of pre-work in readiness for the session and for some information required to identify your Key and Anchor Activation.

Following the session you’ll receive an email with the Sacred Soul Activation Reading key resonances and information on the 21 day follow up process.