Sacred – The Soul Circle

Sacred Soul is your online circle to

connect to soul, empower your life and live your purpose


By being soul led and soul confident!

I believe that we are all strong, capable, resourceful, soulful, Sacred.


I believe that when we lead by soul, when we lean into ourselves with soul, that we encourage and empower our Sacredness, our strength and compassion; we overcome our fear and self-doubt.


We start to lead, to love, to live more deeply, more courageously, more passionately, more gently – more truthfully us.

What would you say yes to? What would you say no to…

if you were led by soul and were confident in that?


Join NOW for just £22/month or £220/year

What do you need to feel Soul Confident?

‘Space and time to connect’


Life is busy and demanding, you juggle so many things all of the time and it can be difficult to find the time and space you need just for yourself, to connect with who you are, to connect with your soul, to allow your divinity and to feel supported.


I have been there.

‘To be empowered by who you are


It is easy to lose your sense of self, your connection to who you are in the busy-ness of life and with all of roles you play within it. You get drawn into fulfilling others’ needs, living their needs and you lose sight of your hopes and dreams, of the passions that call you. You want to feel empowered to call your dreams into life.


I have been there.

‘To unfold your purpose’


Everyone seems to be talking about path, purpose, soul and you are not sure what your purpose is or even if you have one! You know there is more to life and you are ready for a clearer direction, to feel more aligned with soul, aligned with purpose and to live that.


I have been there.


‘To feel confident with change’


Change is a part of life; it is one of life’s constants and yet it up-skittles you every time! You want to be able to embrace change rather than fear it so you can move with it and take its opportunities.


I have been there.

I have been there too, and the difference between then and now – the difference between me then and me now – it is SOUL


Connecting into my deepest essence and connecting into Soul, allowing it, allowing me


That’s why I have created




your Soul Circle



Your online circle to connect to soul, empower your life and live your purpose



Because SOUL is you and YOU are soul



Building soul foundations that empower you within yourself, within life and carry life forward in a way that you love and want to be part of.

The Philosophy


Space to be held and to hold

Space to be nourished and to nurture

Space to align and connect


Space to heal and to grow

Space to know and be known

Space to empower and be empowered


Space for SOUL

Space for YOU

Space to empower Soul Confidence

Space to empower you to be Soul Led

Tools & practices;  nourishing thoughts & awareness; things that I use and have used in my own life for deep healing, to support, to allow, to heal, to align, to connect, to empower. Doing the work of soul.

SACRED – because you ARE

SOUL – because it IS

CIRCLE – because together you make an immense difference

to yourself

to those you love

to the world

Ultimately, working with our soul and allowing our soul is the path of radical acceptance. SACRED is about nourishment  and space to support and enable so that you can empower every aspect of your life.


Your space – to be seen, to be heard, to be known, to be held

It’s deep but practical and doable; it’s transformative healing and empowered action


The Circle is for you if you are ready to commit to yourself, to who you are, to allowing who you are, to allowing soul. It’s for you if you want to meet your limitations so that you can expand past them. 


Doing the work of soul isn’t all love, it isn’t all light. It is deep work that requires us to dive into our deepest aspects


Sacred is not for you if you’re not ready to commit to yourself, if you always look outside of yourself for answers, if you aren’t prepared to do the work, if you won’t allow change.

Every month we look at a theme based on  one of the 11 stages of Soul Activation – it might be an energy and way of being to embody, or a fundamental to living a life which supports and enables soul and empowers you to Breathe your Light and Live your Love – deeply whole, deeply healed, deeply SACRED.


You can’t do the work of SOUL, without doing the work of YOU.


You. Allowing yourself, accepting yourself.


You. Allowing SOUL, enabling SOUL, trusting SOUL.


You. Being You. Being Confident Being You. Being SOUL Confident. Leading with Soul. Being Soul Led.

Connecting to Soul, Empowering your Life, Living your Purpose

Journal Prompts: the deep dive of reflective processes. It isn’t the time you spend that is important, it’s the space that you give yourself to breathe, connect and simply be with yourself.

Live Meditations: Join me every month for a Sacred Soul Circle Gathering where we move through a sacred meditation, a time of connection, alignment and devotion.

Soul Prompts: based on Soul Signature Activations, these are the work of sou, to connect you into yourself and into soul.

Distance Healing: you simply set the intention and receive, enabling the healing to be absorbed where it is most needed, in harmony and in alignment with your most sacred essence.

Empowered Visualisations: the energy work to clear, support, enhance and open energy channels, aligning and supporting your natural energetic harmony and resonance.

Soul Sessions: live monthly sessions; your space to be seen, to be heard, to be known. A space to allow, to heal, to empower.

The realisations, the allowance that leads to acceptance, which enables greater resonance of SOUL – that all comes from you; it cannot come from anyone else for your soul understanding and your soul path is uniquely your own.


So the work of SACRED is the work that you do! The empowered, SACRED work of you, of soul.


With support, with nourishment, with nurturing, with space to be and allow who you are.


Meeting yourself, allowing yourself so that you can meet, allow and enable Soul – with you, through you, as you.

There is no finish line, no ‘where’ that you ‘have’ to get to. It’s about you unfolding more and more and more of yourself, moving more into being, allowing your own SACREDNESS…



In your own time, in your own way, in your own inner and SACRED space…but with support.



Stay for as long as you feel nourished, as long as you feel yourself pushing your boundaries, allowing healing, enabling growth, expanding soul.

What’s Included…

Monthly soul activation theme to work with


Affirmations to support flow & alignment


SOUL prompts to deepen connection to soul, to you

Distance healing session to receive each month


Journal prompts to stir those reflective resources


Live monthly meditation

Visualisations to open & align your energy


‘Soul Sessions’ to empower, to clear, to heal, to allow


An exclusive FB group to connect with each other

Content is delivered throughout the month so there is no overwhelm;  you work at the pace and within the space that is right for you. You are unique and so is your journey and your unfolding. You happen in your own SACRED space and in your own SACRED time.



  • You feel aligned, in flow and know that anything is possible
  • Your inner confidence is growing and you feel so much happier being yourself, allowing yourself
  • You allow the joy and beauty in all aspects of life and in life itself 
  • You feel proud of who you are, of the work that you are doing, of making time for yourself
  • You feel confident and empowered to make changes that support you
  • You trust your inner guidance, your soul, and you know that it always has your back
  • You find it easier to create balance and maintain balance; saying no comes easier
  • You breathe with life and with yourself within life; you know you are being guided and supported
  • You’re connected to soul, you’re empowered in life, purpose starts to live through you and you feel it with every fibre of your being

Ongoing Monthly Programme


Sacred – The Soul Circle is an ongoing monthly programme. Stay as long as you feel nourished – there is no tie in, no end date, to ‘get to’ point that you have to achieve – we are all different and we all need different things to support, enable, empower and unfold.


So stay as long as you feel nourished, for as long as you want to…for just £22.00 a month.


That’s all. Access to everything, anytime.


The work, the teaching, the deep healing…it’s yours to absorb, to work with, to take deep within and transmute into your phoenix.

If you know that you have deep work to do and you want to commit to that, commit to yourself fully, then join on an annual basis for £222 and save £44.



How will SACRED – The Soul Circle work?

SACRED – The Soul Circle is an ongoing programme which you can join monthly or annually, and which you can opt out of at any time. It will run online via a membership portal and through a facebook group. All live sessions will be via zoom and recorded so that you can watch the replay if you can’t attend in person. Content is uploaded throughout the month so that you can work at your own pace. There is no agenda, no ‘must get to’ destination – we are all different, at different places within life and SACRED honours our individual journey, whilst at the same time encouraging and supporting us onward, and inward.


Once you join, you will receive an email from me with the relevant information and link to access the online platform. The community interaction will be hosted in a private facebook group and the resources and key learning tools will be shared in the portal, which makes them easier to find and refer back to when you want to look at or review them, rather than having to scroll through posts.


When does SACRED start?

SACRED officially kicks off in June and doors will open shortly!


Do I need to join the Live Sessions?

You don’t have to join them but I would recommend it! There is something wonderful about being able to connect to each other and be in that space of togetherness as we work, heal or meditate but there is no obligation to absolutely join every live session. Life is busy, I know that, so they will be recorded for catch up on replay if you cannot attend live.


Is the programme Spirit based?

No, SACRED – The Soul Circle is not Spirit based. It is all about you and about allowing, trusting, enabling and aligning with soul and with your deepest essence. Whilst we are all guided by Spirit and all have our own helpers in Spirit, SACRED will not support you with mediumship development.


How do I pay?

Payment is taken automatically when you join and on a monthly basis thereafter, on the same date as the date you joined. Payment is taken on an annual basis if you choose the annual option.


How do I cancel?

You simply click the cancel button on your subscription. You’ll still have access to the programme until the end of your current payment month or year.  It would be great if you could drop me an email to let me know you’ve cancelled and to let me know why if that’s possible as I really value all feedback.


Do you offer refunds if I decide Sacred is not really for me?

Refunds are not offered as you have the option of simply joining on a monthly basis (and cancelling your subscription if Sacred is not for you). If you are unsure then I would recommend joining via the monthly option rather than the annual option – you can always move to an annual payment at a later point if you decide you do want to commit for a longer period of time.