SACRED – The Virtual Retreat

How do you Align your energy? How do you Connect to your soul? How do you allow your Sacredness?



You create time, you create space, you create opportunity and you show up. 


I’ve taken care of creating the time, creating the space and creating the opportunity – all you need to do is show up…for yourself, for your energy, for your soul…



Join me on 31st October 2020, on All Hallow’s Eve



It’s your time – your time to align your energy, to connect to your soul and to honour your sacredness




Aligned – Supporting our Energy and Centring


Connected – Allowing our Soul’s Voice


Sacred – Journeying within to Honour who we Are

If you know that you need to



Embrace All of Who you Are


Stop Playing Small


Shine Bright and Stand Tall


Release the Past and Its’ Energy


Recognise and Allow your Power, your Grace, Your Individuality


Allow Yourself to be Seen, to be Known



I invite you to join me on 31st October for The SACRED Retreat

Time, space and opportunity for ourselves to heal, to renew, to allow, to honour, to release is special, it’s essential and it’s the most sacred gift we can give to our soul, our mind, our emotions and our body.


Sometimes we can find that time, space and opportunity for ourselves and sometimes we need that time to be created, that opportunity to be presented and that space to be held.

We will be:

Aligning – Working with our voice and with sound to clear, balance, centre, ground and align our energy


Connecting – Enabling the voice and essence of our soul to come forth to support, to guide and to empower


Honouring Sacredness – Journeying to connect deep within, to recognise our sacred archetype and honour who we are



And…we will be completing this sacred time with a full moon ritual to acknowledge and forgive and to enable release and renewal

It’s All Hallows Eve


          It’s a Blue Full Moon         


Energy, Sensitivity, Awareness are all Heightened


Spirit are Closer than Ever


And your SOUL is open and calling

We all need that sacred time to surrender and move within, to allow, to unfold, to trust, to enable and to enlighten.


If you have been on a retreat with me before then you’ll know its’ power, its’ transformative space, its’ compassionate embrace and its’ vital energy.


Join me on All Hallows Eve for a time to breathe, a time to move deeper, a time to embrace our sacred energy and a time to open even further to the amazing souls that we are.

Everything You Need to Know

Date: 31 October 2020


Time: 2pm to 9pm (with some comfort breaks in between)


Platform: Zoom (links will sent out nearer the time)


Investment: £97.00


Requirements: Your willingness to participate (foremost!) – nothing happens when we don’t do the work! In addition – a internet connection, somewhere comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed for the evening sessions. A journal and a pen will also be useful. And optional but useful:  blanket, cushions and candle for that cosy, nurtured feeling.



How will the retreat take place? The retreat is virtual which means that you’ll be at home and we’ll connect via zoom.


Will the retreat be recorded? Can I catch up later if I have to miss an aspect? Retreats are sacred spaces and so no, none of the sessions will be recorded. Also because of the nature of the work we’ll be doing, energy matters! There will be significant energy when we are all together which really supports the work we are doing and you simply wouldn’t get the same benefit on replay.


How will the sessions work? The individual sessions will be either an hour and half or two hours long and there will be a break in between each one for comfort and refreshment. Some of the sessions will take place entirely in a full group and some sessions will take place, in part, in smaller breakout groups.


It’s not always easy to find quiet space at home, can I still participate? Ultimately what is important is that you have time and space for you. The earlier sessions are slightly more active but certainly the evening sessions have meditative elements and you will find these more beneficial if you have quiet time and space.