Trance Development 2021

The Disciplines Programmes


I am delighted to be able to support your development with Spirit in the medium (excuse the pun!) of trance by offering a series of trance development programmes which focus on different trance disciplines – speaking, healing and communication.


The programmes endeavour to support your understanding of the mechanics and practical application of each of the disciplines as well as offering the opportunity to sit with that discipline at each session.


Each programme can be taken individually as a stand alone programme if there is a specific interest or leaning towards a specific discipline or all three can be taken as a means of a more rounded development programme  focussing on each in turn, to support and progress your development on solid foundations and with a greater understanding of the processes involved.


The programme starts in February 2021 and each discipline will run over six to seven weeks – as a complete programme this will take you through to the end of July 2021.

What do the Disciplines Programmes include?


Each programme consists of:


  • Eleven hours of teaching over a period of 7 weeks


  • Theoretical and practical elements


  • Tutorials


  • Practical sitting with guidance, support, feedback and encouragement


  • PDFs to support the theory aspects of each of the programmes



  • Flow and mechanics


  • Level of trance versus level of healing


  • Dimensions of healing


  • Passive versus active energy



  • Significance of speaking and healing energies


  • Mechanics and process of blending with the trance team


  • Essence over information


  • Moving your level of consciousness within the trance state



  • Vibration of the voice and its’ importance


  • Influences and impulses from Spirit


  • Trance team and speech


  • Limitations of the medium

Trance – a gift of our dedication

and our commitment that we offer

to Spirit. Our time, our energy, the ability

to sit and be there for them – that’s the most 

valuable thing we have to offer.

That, and to work with them intelligently and

with education.

Your Investment


The Disciplines Programmes can be booked individually or as a whole development programme.


Your investment covers all teaching sessions and support documentation (which is provided electronically.) All sessions will be taking place online and the tutorial elements will be recorded so you will have access to them to refresh and view again.


In addition to the actual fee there is a significant commitment in terms of your time and energy. As well as the eleven hours of actual sessions with me during each discipline, you will be expected to sit yourself between sessions.


Payment: Payment can be made in full for each programme when booking. Alternatively you can pay by instalment as detailed in the sections below.


Individual Programmes



Each programme is £179 – and you can choose to pay in full or via a deposit and instalment.


Instalment option: A non-refundable deposit of £79 is payable when booking your place on any individual Disciplines Programme with the balance of £100 due 2 weeks before the first session of that particular programme.


Full Programme



If you know you would like to undertake the full three disciplines programmes then you can save 10% when booking all three in January – making the fee just £483.30.


Instalment option: A non-refundable deposit of £153.30 is payable when booking followed by three payments of £110 due mid February, mid March and mid April.

Would you like to:


Be supported in your trance development


Understand the processes and mechanics of the different trance disciplines


Understand how your Spirit team work and support yours and their development


Refine and develop your attunement to support and empower the trance energy


Feel confident about how your trance is progressing and trust that process as it evolves and develops

We open the doors within ourselves when we open the door to Spirit



How many online sessions will there be?

There will be 6 online sessions in each programme: an hours’ introductory session followed by a further 5 two hour sessions – which will take place on a mix of Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. The tutorial aspect will be recorded so it can be viewed again and it is anticipated that we will be ‘sitting’ at each session except the introductory session. All sessions will be via zoom. There will also be a private facebook group set up so that everyone can liaise, share, ask questions and have support in between the scheduled online sessions.


The dates and times for each session are as follows:


Discipline Programme One – Healing

Sunday 14th February: 9.30am to 10.30am (Introductory Session)

Thursday 18th & 25th February: 7pm to 9pm

Thursday 4th March: 7pm to 9pm

Sunday 14th March: 9.30am to 11.30am

Thursday 25th March: 7pm to 9pm


Discipline Programme Two – Speaking:

Sunday 18th April: 9.30am to 10.30am (Introductory Session)

Thursday 22nd & 29th April: 7pm to 9pm

Sunday 9th May: 9.30am to 11.30am

Thursday 20th & 27th May: 7pm to 9pm


Discipline Programme Three – Communication:

Sunday 13th June: 9.30am to 10.30am (Introductory Session)

Thursday 17th & 24th June: 7pm to 9pm

Sunday 4th July: 9.30am to 11.30am

Thursday 15th & 29th July: 7pm to 9pm


Do I have to attend all online sessions?

Ideally, yes. I understand that life, work and family (and also internet signal!) can sometimes get in the way and we can’t always help that or plan for those instances that occur but in order to get the most from the programme you should plan to attend all of the online sessions – if something occurs and you have to miss a session then you can always watch the tutorial on replay. Commitment, both in terms of time and energy is essential for any spiritual development work. The sessions have been scheduled as a mix of evening and weekend sessions to try and enable everyone to be able to fit around work and family life and they’ve been designed to give a short break between one discipline programme ending and the next beginning for those people that are attending all three programmes.


How much time do I need to commit to the programme in total?

In each programme there are eleven hours of online sessions and in addition, with sitting outside of the sessions, you should allow at least an additional hour per week that the programme is running as well as the eleven hours of scheduled teaching time.


Is this suitable if I have never sat for the trance energy before?

If you have experience of working and connecting with Spirit then the first two programmes (Healing and Speaking) will support you in developing your trance, exploring it and your potential. However you should have experience of sitting in an altered state with trance energy for the last programme – Trance Communication (unless you are committing to all three of the programmes in which case you will have a solid basis through the first two programmes). However, for all programmes you do need to have worked with Spirit before – with mediumship or via sitting in a development or advanced awareness circle. These programmes are not suitable if you have never done any work or development with any aspect of Spirit before.


Can I join your Trance Mentorship Programme after these sessions?

The Trance Mentorship will already be underway by the time the third programme has completed, however the Disciplines Programme does provide a ‘mini-mentorship’ in itself if taking all three and you can always do the mentorship alongside/ as well if that is a good option for you.


How does the Disciplines Programme and Mentorship Programme differ?

The Disciplines Programme focuses on specific aspects of trance to support your development, attunement, understanding and progress in that specific element of the trance state whereas the Mentorship Programme is a more generalised programme, aimed at your individual development and understanding rather than a specific element of the trance energy; as such it is more fluid in its format and teaching.


Would I benefit from taking all three disciplines?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst we as individuals might prefer a certain element or indeed have an affinity and a greater attunement in that direction, we all have more than one strand to our trance work and development and working with all three disciplines will encourage a more consolidated attunement, and support a range of potential within your trance work.


How is payment made?

The payment link automatically takes you through to paypal and if you are choosing to pay by deposit and then instalment, you will receive details in your confirmation email. If you don’t wish to pay via paypal then you can pay via BACS (please contact me for details)