Hello and Welcome!



I’m Nicola Tonsager,  a medium, teacher, mentor. I support mediums and trance mediums through development, and mentoring programmes and I also teach people how to teach mediumship and spiritual development.


I live in Lincolnshire, work UK wide and I offer international mentorship online and through the Celebrating Spirit Membership.


I hold a Certificate in Education from The University of Huddersfield. I’ve been immersed in energy work for over 20 years – Crystal Therapy, Reiki, EFT, Essences and Angels –  teaching all of the above to practitioner level and in 2014 I published Working with Angelic Signatures, my book about working with angels through their unique energetic signature.


Working with energy and personal development for over half of my life I recognise the importance of our own self development alongside any spiritual development work and recognising that is a key aspect of the way that I work with and teach about Spirit.



Spirit is my passion, it is also my devotion and it’s my prayer.


Spirit has quite literally saved my life, even when I didn’t really know what Spirit was, and certainly well before the time when I started to actively develop. Spirit has taught me courage, grace, compassion and has taken my hand as I have traversed the deep waters of my soul.


We cannot forget that we live a physical life and that living our spirit within that life is an essential component of any Spiritual development undertaking.





So my inspiration is you! It is your spirit, your growth, your development with and alongside Spirit.


know just how much we are all capable of, just how much light and laughter, courage and grace we can bring to the world through working with Spirit and enabling the ever greater radiance of our own spirit.



It’s my mission – my honour and my privilege – to help enable the truth, the grace, the intelligence and the compassion of Spirit’s energy, their light and essence to reach every single person on this wonderful planet.


We do that by developing with Spirit, unfolding our mediumship and our path with them and, at the same time, by having the courage to embrace our own personal spiritual growth. In this, we enable the truest expression of Spirit’s essence through the truth of, and with the grace of our spirit.

Life, with all of its complexities, contradictions and intricacies – we have all been there, haven’t we? Through the past twenty five years I have travelled the path of radical acceptance, even (and especially!) when I didn’t realise that was the road I was travelling.


It has brought me to Spirit and it has brought me to you. I hope that my journey, my work can inform and support your journey and your work.


All of my work, my personal growth, my spiritual development and the experience of life has led me to a simple truth – we are who we are, we have been and lived the experience of life that we have had and that is important in how we work with Spirit, how we bring the way that they want to work with us, as individuals ,forward. Every single one of us has the ability to reach someone with our Spiritual work that otherwise would not be reached.


Acceptance of ourselves, of all that we have been and are, and loving the person we are in this moment creates the empowerment, the belief in ourselves, the opportunity that we need to enable the full potential of who we are to shine forth.


I believe that all of life is, ultimately, leads us to learning to love who we are and to move into the greatest expression of ourselves and our soul, and to enable the greatest, most wonderful and truthful expression of Spirit through us.


To love ourselves completely in every moment and to be empowered and inspired by that simple truth is the most beautiful gift we can offer ourselves, humanity and Spirit.


And when we do Love shines out. We Breathe Light into the world, not in a sense of ignoring life’s challenges but with sense of understanding the magic within everything and recognising the growth, the potential that is there. We Live Love because we are exhilarated by a life we love, and we choose to choose love and living life over living fear – that love shines out.


We breathe it,  we are it, we know it and we create it. Not just in our lives but in others’ and in the world around us. You move into being the potential that was always there, just waiting to be realised, just waiting to unfold, and from this, all else is able to flow.


Breathe Light, Live Love – be the inspiration that you are, despite life’s challenges, because of life’s challenges; shine your light, all of it, unapologetically and completely, and fill your world with the immensity of your love.


For me, Spirit has ignited this – Spirit has guided and supported my path of growth; cajoled me when I have been stubborn, gently encouraged when I’ve been afraid and been absolutely steadfast in their determination to steer my life forward rather than back.


But, just in case you were wondering, it isn’t all about Spirit – Spirit teach us to live life and to love life. Part of life that I love – a good mug! Tea and coffee, especially coffee, just doesn’t taste the same if the mug isn’t right, does it? So I love me a good mug! I also love laundry…yes, I am that person. There is nothing nicer than everything being wonderfully clean, total bliss!

How Can I Help You?


I understand the desire, the calling to work with Spirit and I also understand the demands that it places on us and the challenges it takes us through as we develop.


I recognise the individuality that you bring to your mediumship and I value the honest expression it enables within your work. I understand the importance of holding space, of creating the right environment to enable Spirit to unfold your ability but also the need to enable the realisation that you can push beyond what you believe your limitations and boundaries are.


I am here to support, guide and encourage your Spiritual development but also to empower a confidence and belief in yourself within and as part of your mediumship and your path with Spirit that will not only carry your work forward but also enables Spirit’s work to be taken forward with you.


So…are you with me?


Much love and so many blessings, Nicola x

The Tough Love…


I work hard. I’ll expect you to work hard. I am disciplined – nothing that we do with Spirit can enable the fulfilment of any potential that might be there if discipline isn’t in place.


I’m a tough taskmaster (but with joy!) – I know what it takes to work well with Spirit and I know what you are capable of.


I love breaking free from boundaries, from expectations. I love allowing Spirit to explore their potential within my work, within your work so don’t expect a straight line – prepare for a journey that spirals, goes back on itself, twists up and down and around – prepare for bumps.


The ability to explore, to work freely comes from strong, solid foundations. Strong solid foundations take work, commitment, discipline and consistency.


Just when you think you know where you are, your process and way of working will change. Spirit is not linear. I will ask you to do things that make no logical sense. I’m led by Spirit. I trust them implicitly. I expect you to trust them too – and for you to trust before the validation comes.


I will push you. Spirit will push you – and if you are called to Spirit then you will also push yourself. You will endeavour to reach and refine, to progress, to enable the fullness of the expression of Spirit. It takes hard work and patience – patience with yourself and patience with the pace of your development; there are no set time frames for achievement.


You’ll be asked to look deep into your soul, into the recesses of your shadows, into the aspects of yourself that you don’t like. These are the limitations on your work with Spirit. Without being willing to dive deeply into your own psyche, your work with Spirit will be restricted, constricted, boundaried; both Spirit and I want your work to be unlimited, boundless, open to all possibility and potential.


Because it is and you are.


If you’re ready, let’s start.

Exploring You…?


Move into Being – fabulous free resources to help you dive into and explore yourself in a comfortable, gentler way and in your own time.


If you want to look a little bit deeper and also want something that will hold you accountable then I invite you to take a look at my Create Programme.

Exploring Spirit…?


If you’re ready to kick off or further develop your work and connection with Spirit then you are in absolutely the right place!


The Celebrating Spirit Membership is the easiest and most accessible way to work with me and supports both personal and spiritual development.


My Spiritual Assessment Package offers guidance throughout a 12 month period.


If you’re ready for that next level of commitment to your work and development with Spirit then my Mediumship and Trance Mentorship Programmes will take you further – stretching and developing, enabling a greater level of unfoldment.