Our Products


I’m delighted to be able to offer my vibrational essence ranges and, very shortly, the Sacred Soul Signatures™ Card Deck to support and align your energy, enhance your awareness and to engender a deeper sense of being and self-guidance.


I studied essence making 20 years ago and have three main essence ranges which are sold worldwide – Sacred Soul Essences, Angelic Signature™ Essences and the CREATE…Essences. I am a member of the British Association of Flower Essences Producers.


The Sacred Soul Signatures™ Card Deck are currently being published and will be available early Spring.

What is a Vibrational Essence?


Essences are water which holds the energetic signature of a particular plant, crystal, flower, colour or other vibrational energy. Once the ‘mother’ essence is created its’ integrity is then preserved – usually with either brandy, vodka or vinegar if it designed to be taken internally or by a hydrosol if it is for external use (such as a space clearing essence for instance).


Water is known to have memory (Masuru Emoto has done significant work on this) and as such it responds to whatever it comes into contact with, holding the energy imprint of that item. Our bodies are made up of a significant amount of water – one of the reasons that affirmations are thought to be so effective is that the water in our bodies respond positively to the uplifting, affirmative statement.


Essences work on the soul, spirit and emotional levels of our being. They can support us in times of distress and challenge by gently enabling our equilibrium to reassert itself. They can  helps us to recognise limiting or negative thought patterns or behaviours and can support us through the necessary changes we need to make to experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being in our life.


Essences can also challenge is to sit up and take notice of our spirituality and its’ ever constant knock on our door, encouraging us to engage with our soul and spiritual centre and enabling us to face our fears whilst doing so.


I produce three essence ranges – The Sacred Soul Essences, The Angelic Signature™ Essences and the CREATE…Essences. All my essences come in 15ml stock bottles, are preserved in vodka and can be taken internally or placed on chakras or pulse points.

The Sacred SOUL Essences have come into being at this time to support the greater emergence and need of the soul, its’ essence and devotion, to be more present within our lives at this time, and to enable a greater resonance of its’ expression to work with, through and as part of who we are.


The Sacred SOUL Essences ask us to acknowledge the responsibility we have to support the healing, integration and harmony of our energy, of which the soul is a significant part.

The Angelic Signature™ Essences form part of my work with eight of the Archangels through their signatures – the channelled symbolism which connects directly to their energies.


The essences work on the subtle levels of our energy systems, and are aimed at personal and spiritual development through the supportive and transformative energies available to us from the Angelic Realm.

The CREATE…Essences have been given to us through the need that we all have at the moment to reconnect with All That Is, recognise and value who we are and to accept where we are at this moment in time, enabling us to heal more completely by trusting in our process of life at all times.


CREATE…Essences also, by their very name, ask us to acknowledge the responsibility we have for our life and its direction.