The Sacred Soul Essences


The Sacred SOUL Essences have come into being at this time to support the greater emergence and need of the soul, its’ essence and devotion, to be more present within our lives at this time, and to enable a greater resonance of its’ expression to work with, through and as part of who we are.


The Sacred SOUL Essences ask us to acknowledge the responsibility that we have for our life and, directly, the responsibility we also have to support the healing, integration and harmony of our energy, of which the soul is a significant part.


Ultimately, irrespective of where we are within our life, within our energy and within our connection to and understanding of our soul, each of the Sacred SOUL Essences has come into being in order to enable a greater understanding of our soul, of its’ work with us and to support our ever expanding connection and partnership with it.


When deciding which essence to use, you can start at the beginning of the journey with SURRENDER and work through them as required until reaching SOUL or you can use intuition or dowsing to determine which essence is most appropriate for your needs at a specific moment in time. Alternatively, you may look at the key words to see which energies would support you and align most with Soul.


Essences are in 15ml stock bottles and are £7.00 each plus or £44.00 for the full set of 7 essences (plus p&p – please contact me for postage costs outside of the UK).

The Essence Journey


As we Surrender, we initiate an Alignment with the essence of soul, enabling its’ divinity and our energy to coalesce and unify in a Creation of harmony, a matrix, which expands to a Resonance of frequency and light, igniting and calling forth a true Expression of the totality of your energy to allow and progress the embodiment of the Devotion of being, of the Soul.

The Essences



Allow and Accept within Grace to Surrender to the greater aspect of knowing within you


Work with Surrender to enable the grace of release and letting go of control where you find you are holding on too tightly or unable to access or trust intuition, inspiration and intuitive guidance.


As we work with aspects of Surrender, we allow support from the higher realms and also from our Soul, accepting what we cannot change and therefore enabling a freedom within our energy and its’ energy which supports healing, understanding, forgiving and moving forward.


Work with Scared Soul Surrender to allow freedom over control and frustration and to enable movement over stagnation and procrastination.




As Transformation occurs, find your sacred Balance to enable Adjustment within and without


This essence was offered as through change and transformation our Alignment adjusts and adapts, moving us closer to our truth and deeper to ourselves and our soul.


Balance with a new paradigm within our energy is required and as we do adjustment to life, to ourselves and to what is now required takes place.  New possibilities begin to emerge as different potentials are created through the power of Alignment.


Work with Sacred Soul Alignment to support confidence and trust within change and transformation and to find balance within the self and within life after change and transformation.




The Emergence of the soul encourages your Passion and a deeper Initiation into your being


Sacred Soul Creation is all about all about enabling the emerging essence and vibration of soul and allowing its’ essence to stimulate and ignite passion, purpose and a deeper sense of self.


Linking you to the joy at the centre of who you are, opportunities come forth to allow that sense of joy more fully within life itself and a deeper initiation into the core of who we are.


Work with Sacred Soul Creation to allow a greater sense of expressive passion and purpose and to enable a deeper connection with most intimate and sacred self.




Necessary Growth and Expansion urge changes to frequency & energetic patterns, allowing Flow


Sacred Soul Resonance came forth to support us in moving through the sometimes difficult periods  and expansion where we know things are expanding and yet we can sometime find it a challenge to meet the ask of it within ourselves.


So often, within growth we can feel out of flow, out of our sense of knowing and recognising direction and yet within growth moving with flow is so necessary to stimulate the movement which supports our energy and vibration changing.


Work with this essence to enable courage and perseverance within the growth stage and to release any fears about expansion and holding a greater aspect of light. You can also work with this essence if you feel out of flow and stagnated creatively or within your energy.




A Truth that cannot be denied expands Intuition and enhances sacred Listening to and of the soul


Our ultimate truth calls us to stand solidly, proudly and yet humbly within our own power as we merge with the divinity of soul.


As we do, our truth, our understanding of ourselves and of life changes and so our deep sense of intuition is stimulated more fully to enable understanding. Through listening to that deep resonance of soul we are able to embrace all that we are and all that is asked of us.


Work with Sacred Soul Expression to find your voice and truth in times of change or challenge and to enable its’ clarity. Intuitive clarity can also be brought to hidden or as yet unknown situations and it supports confidence in expressing all aspects of self and soul.




Mastery of energy supports devotion within and a Commitment to Manifesting Soul


Sacred Soul Devotion calls us to our sense of mastery over ourselves especially mentally and emotionally asking of us a commitment to soul before all else.


Enabling its manifestation takes the most sacred promise to ourselves and a commitment to honour that promise and yet it offers a complete sense of harmony, wholeness and being and the knowledge that you are always supported.


Work with Sacred Soul Devotion to enable a sense of support and guidance or to allow the deeper meaning and purpose behind your journey to come forth for acknowledgement, action and to progress forward.




Unshakeable Faith leads to embedded Trust and the serene aspect of Being


When we accept that we are part of everything around us and everything around is part of us, a sense of faith emanates and creates such trust in ourselves and the Universe that it becomes impossible not to feel a profound sense of joy, amazement and humility at the sheer perfection of every living thing and energetic being.


Sacred Soul SOUL enables us to realise that we are already everything we have ever been and will ever be – all in one moment. We are being.


Work with this essence to enable a sense of unity, faith and trust with all aspects of self and life or to support progress through personal or spiritual ‘dark nights of soul’. Its’ harmony supports serenity and unity within our energy at a specific aspect in time and can also therefore be used as an immediate support in times of difficulty

How to Work with the Essences


The essences are designed to be used singly rather than in combination with the exception of Sacred SOUL itself which can be used in conjunction with any of the other Sacred SOUL Essences to balance their energy (the way they are working with us) if we find them more powerful than we would like or if we are seeking a support to move through a very specific and challenging situation.


Essences can be taken internally (2 drops in a glass of water three times a day) but it is recommended that they be used energetically – in the aura or on chakra points. A few drops could also be placed in the bath, on pulse points or on a pillow.

Single essences are sent out second class as a small packet. The full set is sent first class by signed for delivery.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase more than one essence but not the full set for a single postage cost.