I’m Nicola Tonsager, an immensely warm welcome to you – thank you for being here.


I believe passionately in Spirit – ours as well as the Spirit and it’s my honour to be able to support your spiritual development, growth, expansion, understanding and evolution.


So welcome to my work, to the soul of my work – the joy and intelligence that is Spirit – and to enabling and allowing its’ truth and ever greater expression.


As we start to learn, develop and grow our work with Spirit it becomes impossible not to enable and allow a greater unfoldment of our Spirit. Indeed our own personal spiritual development is an essential key in enabling our Spiritual development.


Life is always a masterpiece in the making, a canvas upon which we are constantly remodelling the expression of who we are as we understand and unfold deeper and deeper aspects of our being and awareness – as we do, I believe we also enable a greater expression of Spirit to work through us, with us – an ever expanding, ever progressive partnership.


It is my hope as you explore the tools and resources available to you that you truly understand and allow the immense power and light of your spirit – in all of life, and especially within our work with Spirit, it all starts with you.


There are resources and opportunities here that are both inspirational and practical, creative and process-driven, rational and soul-led. The words, the feelings are inspired; the work, the practice is disciplined and flows as you enable understanding and allow unfoldment.


Thank you for choosing to let me support you in your journey; it is my absolute privilege to be able to do so.


With Love for All that you already are and for all that you are yet to unfold. Together, let’s Celebrate Spirit.


Much love, Nicola

Sacred Soul Week

7 Days to Soul


24th to 30th October

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Spirit are always working through us and they’re always confirming that to us with signs and synchronicities, subtle messages and sometimes not so subtle ones!!


But when life is a bit challenging, it can be difficult to see the light in the path, the destination and purpose and it can be easier to believe we are not supported than it is to hold the faith and keep going, and keep trusting.


It is even more important at these times to make time, no matter how short, to just reconnect to ourselves and to that intrinsic essence within us that knows everything will be ok and that we will be ok.


I’d like to share with you a short practice that I use in these moments, it only takes a minute! – I hope it supports. Much love, Nicola x

Where-ever you are, making a coffee, taking a walk, getting up from your desk to stretch your legs…


  Take a moment and slowly breathe in fully, hold for a moment and breathe out     Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes (don’t worry if anyone is looking at you!!!!)     Say to yourself: ‘I am here. I am in this moment. I am me’.    Allow yourself to feel that moment of centring in the moment.    Then say ‘Everything is ok’.    Take another deep breathe in, breathe out and release your hand

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