You’re the journey.


You are what life is all about. Unfolding fully into all of your potential, into all that is possible.


You do that through becoming Soul Confident™.


When you move into that deeper wisdom of who you are it empowers everything within life.


You gain confidence, trust and reassurance in your capabilities, abilities, potential and opportunities.


You make courageous choices, changes to your life and business so that you can live life your way.


You align your life and business with your non-negotiable values, creating a greater sense of freedom, joy and purpose.


You trust your path, you trust life and you trust yourself within life.


I’m Nicola Tonsager and I’m a Mentor for Soul and Spirit.  I work with soul-led individuals, coaches and leaders to support you in understanding the key qualities of soul that are present in your life and business through aligning with Soul Signatures™, dynamic points of light on the matrix of soul.


Working either one to one or through my group programme, we identify and align with your Soul Signatures™, and you move into that space of being, owning and allowing all that you ARE.


Over the last twenty five years, I have worked with Crystals, EFT, Essences, Sound Healing, Reiki and both demonstrated and taught mediumship. I have taught to practitioner level for Lucis College Ltd, gained a Certificate in Education and been awarded the Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship (for mediumship) from the SNU.


I have run retreats and mentorships, developed three vibrational essence ranges and a Sacred Soul Guidance Card Deck. In 2014, I self-published my first book which was all about Angelic Signatures.

In 2023, I will be publishing my second book, all about Soul Signatures™.


My work is transformative yet practical and accessible, encouraging and enabling your greater confidence; supporting the individuality of you, within your life and your business.


It is my passion to bring that confident, practical alignment to soul to the front and centre of life and business, because being soul-led brings you to the heart of your journey.


Much love, Nicola

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Nicola - About

About Nicola


Get to know me – my passion, my inspiration, my mission.

Nicola - Work with Me

Work with Me


The ways in which you can work with me –

with SOUL or with SPIRIT



Fabulous Essences to Soothe your Soul and Support your Energy.

Empower your Life, Engage with your Purpose!


Understand the key qualities and learning of soul in this lifetime & identify the foundational aspects which support your growth



with a Soul Signature™ for Life Session

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Align with the energy of Soul through transformative Soul Signatures!