The Angelic Signature™ Essences


The Angelic Signature™ Essences form part of my work with eight of the Archangels through their signatures – the channelled symbolism which connects directly to their energies.


The essences work on the subtle levels of our energy systems, and are aimed at personal and spiritual development through the supportive and transformative energies available to us from the Angelic Realm.


Each essence can be used intuitively or in connection with a specific chakra to bring balance to its finer levels, and will support the individual through the change or transformative process/es that it is initiating, aiding  understanding of our path and its challenges.


Essences are in 15ml stock bottles and are £7.00 each plus or £50.00 for the full set of 8 essences (plus p&p – please contact me for postage costs outside of the UK).

The Essence Journey


Discipline brings Peace. With Peace we are able to find Compassion for ourselves and others. With Compassion we start to Honour ourselves by allowing our true Light, which lends Inspiration as we seek Transformation into our Truth.

The Essences


Gabriel’s Essence is Discipline

Your journey home is illuminates by the brilliance of your soul’s light


Keywords: Harmony, Discipline, Guidance, Vision, Purity

Chakra: Base & Sacral

Colour Ray: White


With Discipline comes harmony as Discipline brings order to chaos, enabling us to release illusions and see our path more clearly.


Work with Gabriel’s essence to learn harmony through discipline as your intuition develops and you join in light with your higher self.



Uriel’s Essence is Peace

Experience the perfection of unity with your whole self


Keywords: Justice, Balance, Unity, Peace, Service

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Colour Ray: Gold, Purple


Peace comes from letting go of all ego; from knowing that you are nothing and yet ALL, and by allowing your light to be the gift you share with others.


Work with Uriel’s essence to aid understanding of how letting go of ego can bring freedom; as you enter the void and allow it to fill you with the purpose of your self.



Chamuel’s Essence is Compassion

Let compassion set foundations for true emotional healing


Keywords: Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Creativity, Support

Chakra: Heart

Colour Ray: Pink


Only when we offer Compassion and love without asking anything in return can we truly work through the heart and heal our selves on all emotional levels.


Work with Chamuel’s essence to develop love and compassion for your self; only through loving all of who you are can you truly give to others unconditionally.



Michael’s Essence is Honour

With truth and honour guiding you, my light will protect and serve you


Keywords: Courage, Protection, Strength, Release, Faith

Chakra: Throat

Colour Ray: Royal Blue


Through the sure knowledge that we are protected and loved always, comes the courage and strength needed to forge our path, speak our truth and release that which no longer serves us.


Work with Michael’s essence to ensure energy integrity and aid confidence, courage and faith as you work to understand and allow your journey.



Raphael’s Essence is Light

Allow your light to be the healing vessel, see it spiral forth unto others


Keywords: Emotional, Spiritual & Soul Healing, Understanding, Psychic Abilities, Earth Healing

Chakra: Thymus and 3rd Eye

Colour Ray: Green


When we begin to understand the path to which our challenges have led us and to see the hidden blessings they have brought, we allow our selves to heal ay the deepest spiritual levels of our being.


Work with Raphael’s Essence to allow healing at that level and to inform your understanding of your choices made and challenges faced.



Jophiel’s Essence is Inspiration

When you remember your knowledge you complete yourself


Keywords: Awakening, Joy, Inspiration, Illumination

Chakra: Crown

Colour Ray: Yellow


As we open to the joy and Inspiration of uniting with our spiritual self, we open the door to the return of our ancient memories and our journey to wholeness.


Work with Jophiel’s essence to inspire your spiritual and personal development and learning as you allow your self to awaken to the entirety of your self.



Zadkiel’s Essence is Transformation

Acknowledge your darkness to let it be transformed


Keywords: Spiritual Growth, Self Transformation, Forgiveness, Mercy

Chakra: Seat of Soul

Colour Ray: Violet


In order to grow and Transform we must acknowledge all of our selves, the dark as well as the light, forgiving ourselves and others in the process.


Work with Zadkiel’s essence to enhance your understanding of all of your self in order to begin the process of integrating all aspects of soul.



Metatron’s Essence is Truth

Experience endless possibilities when you open your heart to the fullness of who you are


Keywords: Spiritual Evolution, Enlightenment, Initiation, Divine Purpose, Truth

Chakra: All

Colour Ray: Brilliant Diamond White


When our eyes open to the miracle of who we are, we realise that all experiences and paths spring from and lead us back to our selves – no choice is wrong, no path unlit.


Work with Metatron’s essence when you need support in times of need, or illumination in the darkness. Metatron can also be worked with at the completion of a learning phase to initiate the next level of development.

How to Work with the Essences



The essences can be used either singly or in combination, up to four essences only. If three essences are used the four should be Metatron’s to help support the integration and healing which is taking place.


The essences can be taken internally but it is recommended that they be used energetically – in the aura or on specific chakra points. A few drops could also be placed in the bath, on pulse points or on a pillow.

Single essences are sent out second class as a small packet. The full set is sent first class by signed for delivery.


Please contact me if you wish to purchase more than one essence but not the full set for a single postage cost.