The Sacred Soul Guidance Deck

Empower Yourself, your Life and your Purpose

We are all SACRED


Every aspect of our being, every deed we do, every word we say – all is Sacred.


Our commitment to our own inner wisdom, the soul, has never been more important. To live a life that’s aligned and which we love demands that we open fully to the energy of soul.

The Sacred Soul Guidance Deck contains a series of channelled Soul Signatures which directly and actively enable greater connection, expansion and expression of soul.


Supported by Angelic Signatures, Soul Inspirations and Power Elemental Cards, this deck will transform your alignment to the potential of soul and empower its expression within your life.

The deck is a collaboration with Spirit, with Soul and with the Angelic Realm – channelled to support us in enabling the greater emergence of soul expression to work with, through, and as part of who we are.


Whilst it can be used as an oracle deck and for general soul guidance and inspiration, it has come into being so that we can do the work of soul.


The Angelic and Ascended Master Signatures are a direct link to the energy of the respective Angel or Ascended Master.

The Soul Signatures are dynamic points of light within the energy matrix of soul. They connect directly to the expansion, need and expression of your soul and follow the 11 stages of soul activation.

Empower Yourself, your Life and your Purpose with the Sacred Soul Guidance Deck


Just £27 (including UK P&P)

Please contact me for international postage costs

Your Deck contains:


11 Soul Signatures – soul activations identifying stages of soul resonance, growth and expression


18 Angelic and Ascended Master Signatures – guidance from the angelic and master realms to support development, awareness and healing


12 Soul Inspirations – practices to allow or work with to support soul


5 Power Elementals – practical support for the needs of your energy system

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Empower your Soul Confidence