Chakra Affirmations


A Seven Week Programme Delivered into Your Inbox


Our chakras are key energetic processors which enable us to ensure that our energetic system aligns and harmonises to clear, renew and integrate energy.


Everything that we think or feel; everything that happens, that we come into contact with affects our energetic system and actively working with our chakras can support us on so many levels.


When I was undergoing my teacher training, we worked extensively with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which in essence is a 5 level hierarchical system of needs which need to be met in a specific order to enable self-actualisation – we need to met our basic needs, safety needs, needs for love and acceptance before we can move to the higher needs of self esteem/ understanding and actualisation. I’ve included an picture of how Maslow’s Hierarchy links to our chakras below.

I realised when I studying teaching that Maslow’s Hierarchy actually aligned to our chakras – if our basic needs were met (Root/Base Chakra) then our security needs could be looked at (Sacral), followed by the need for love and belonging (Solar Plexus and Heart).


As we meet these needs and move up to the higher echelons such as self esteem and understanding (Throat and Third Eye/ Brow Chakra), then we are able to achieve self actualisation (Crown Chakra, the connection with the Divine).

So often when we start to work with our personal spiritual development, there is an emphasis on developing our upper chakras, and yet if we don’t have solidly supported lower chakras (think tree roots and trunk) then we will never have enough energetic stability to effectively work and integrated the energies and gifts of the upper chakras (think the branches of the tree).

What is the Chakra Affirmation Programme



It’s a series of seven chakra affirmations delivered direct into your inbox over a period of seven weeks.


In the first week you’ll get a PDF with a brief overview of the programme along with the affirmation for the base chakra for you to work with.


And then in the following six consecutive weeks, you get the sacral chakra affirmation through to the crown chakra affirmation.


If you’d like to feel more connected to your own energy, empowered through understanding and working with your chakras then simply complete the form below and let’s get started!


It’s totally free, there is nothing to lose but so much to gain!