Because, no matter what, it all starts with you…

Breathe Light, Live Love

What is Breathe Light, Live Love?


It is a mantra to live by; a door to enabling your soul to open and express itself to it’s fullest potential. Breathe Light, Live Love is who you are and it’s a key, a conscious choice to:


Connect you back to your innermost being


Support you in recognising how amazing you are, just as you are


Empower a sense of love for yourself, by yourself  and of yourself


Help you to enjoy being who you are, how you are and where you are


Breathe Light, Live Love is a mantra given to me by Spirit whilst sitting in trance – it’s a mantra that is is dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to be extraordinary…by recognising all that you are, by being who you are, by accepting all that you are and by loving who you are.  From this, all else follows…

A Prayer to your Soul


I am ME. I am who I AM. I am my Truth. I am my Grace. I am ME in this moment and in each moment.


I AM LOVE. I Breathe Light. I Live Love. I am the joy I feel and the path that I walk. I am the purpose that I possess and create. I am my energy flowing freely within the divine potential of MY BEING. I am my frailties and my strengths. I am my Hopes overcoming my my fears. I am my Courage overcoming my weaknesses. I am my Passion overcoming my lethargy. I am my Excitement overcoming my boredom.


I AM ME. I am who I AM in this moment and in every moment. I am Grace within Humanity. I am Love within a Heart. I am Purpose within a Soul. I am the experience that I live, the learning that I achieve and the healing that I allow. I am everything and more. Always.

Nicola Tonsager

About Nicola


First of all, a huge welcome to my site and to my work.


I’m Nicola Tonsager,  a medium, teacher, mentor and author. I teach mediumship and trance mediumship and I also teach other people how to teach mediumship.


Along the years I’ve worked with Crystals and Angels, with EFT, Reiki, Essences and I’ve taught all of the above as therapies to practitioner level. I’ve been immersed in energy work for over 20 years now; as such I recognise the importance of our own self development alongside any spiritual development work.



My passion is Spirit.



My inspiration is You!



My mission is to enable the truth and grace of Spirit’s energy, their light and essence to reach every single person on this wonderful planet.



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